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Hi! I'm Richard, creator of Mindful Grub. 
In 2015, when I decided to opt for a vegan diet, I really didn't know where to start. Although it seems like a short time, much has changed since then. At that time there were not many vegan and healthy options anywhere, so I had to start doing something I didn't usually do: cooking!
Without experience, studies or formal training in cooking, I started experimenting with recipes that appeared on the internet. 
Because of my inexperience in the kitchen, each recipe I made automatically became a masterpiece... a challenge overcome... something worth photographing and immortalizing on social networks. And so, without a plan and by chance, Mindful Grub was born. A place where I keep all these ‘achievements’.
Over time, the purpose of this space has changed a bit. Although in essence it continues to be a place that shows my creations, today my interest is more to share vegan recipes that are living example that vegan eating is synonymous with good eating. And, that anyone (even without experience in the kitchen) can achieve it.
Join me on this adventure!


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